Dog Foods That Produce Less Waste


Dog owners want their pets to be happy and healthy. They would also appreciate it if their furry companion was a little easier on the pooper scooper. Well, as it happens, the two things aren’t mutually exclusive. You can have your healthy pet eating healthy food while producing less waste for you to clean up on your walks. That’s easier on you, your dog, and the environment. Waste disposal  is easy when your pet produces less waste.

The higher quality dog foods are more nutrient dense. Your dog can eat less of those foods and be properly nourished and sustained. Lower quality dog foods have the required nutrients, but not in the same density. Your dog has to eat a lot of food to get the nourishment they need. This means that the lower quality food you get, the more your dog needs to eat. The more your dog needs to eat, the more your dog will need you to pick up after him. This rubbish removal process is not pleasant but it is necessary.

You could try to mix your own food for your dog, but that’s complicated and it’s hard to get the balance right. The Kennel Club recommends selecting a premixed food, especially for puppies because getting the nutrient balance wrong could hinder the growth of a young dog. Premium foods are available in dry and moist varieties so you can buy something that has a homemade feel if you prefer.

After you choose a premium brand of dog food help your dog adjust to it by mixing it with the brand to which he is accustomed. Once he has adjusted, make sure you don’t overfeed him. If there is food left in his bowl after a meal, you probably put too much in his bowl. That means you can put in a little less next time.  To keep your dog’s stomach happy, don’t change foods abruptly. That way you can avoid cleaning up unexpected messes from a sick dog.

Taking care of your pet can be a rewarding experience. They’ll reward you back with friendship and loyalty. While cheaper pet food may seem like a better option, your dog will just have to eat more of it. If you go ahead and invest in a more expensive premium brand your dog will eat less and there will be less waste. It’s a win-win situation. Since you won’t have to bag up that extra waste and throw it in the trash, it’s a win for the earth as well.