How To Cook For Your Dog

Cooking for people is something that most of us have experience of, but what about cooking for a canine? If you are considering feedingĀ  your dog home-cooked food, but think it might be too complicated, then please take a look at this.

Cook For Your Dog

First of all it’s important to bear in mind that what is needed most is no different to any other kind of diet, a balanced, nutritional mix of food with maybe the odd treat, coupled with plenty of fresh water is probably a good place to start.

Most vitamins and minerals required are contained in a healthy bowl of either meat, fish or poultry, together with vegetables and/or rice. Portion control is also important, a Chihuahua and a Great Dane are not going to be eating the same amounts.

Common sense should tell you not to give your dog a plate of doughnuts or just red meat for dinner; again it’s all about balance.

The meat and vegetables can be given raw or cooked, but too many raw vegetables can produce to much gas in the intestine, so be warned!


Ground egg shells can be used to add calcium to your dog’s meals, and of course the eggs themselves will provide protein. If you really want to be canny about this, you can cook whichever meat you have and grind the bones to create your own bone meal. A general rule of thumb when preparing dog’s meals is:10 per cent carbs,50 per cent vegetables and 40 per cent protein.

An ordinary bowl of mixed cooked chicken, vegetables and rice, perhaps with a little gravy, is as good a meal as any, and us humans could take a leaf out of the canine’s cookbook and reduce our sugar intake too. Together with fresh fruit snacks and the odd chew for healthy teeth, you can see that feeding a dog home-cooked food is not the difficult process you might think it is, and permanently eating either tinned or dried food is never going to be terribly good for any creature.

healthy dog with a carrot

Another benefit of home cooking for your dog is that it’s actually more economical, you just take your dog’s portion of food out of whatever you are having for dinner that day, and bearing this in mind will probably make you re-think your own diet too, this can only ever be a good thing!